Corel PaintShop Pro X8

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New & Enhanced Features of Corel PaintShop Pro X8

Immediately fill a vector or choice contour with text that automatically winds within it. Create intriguing design components for scrapbooking, posters, internet images, brochures, collages, along with other endeavors.

Drag your choice to the empty place as well as a fresh location is filled into fit the nearby backdrop.

Immediately use batch activities, including Resize, Watermark and Script the redesigned Batch Mode. Select security characteristics, like including a watermark, or deleting file place and info, to use on output signal.

Choices that are exact are not dispensable in photo editing applications. PaintShop Pro X8 lets you identify a choice size by width and height, or using a given aspect ratio, for simpler, more accurate choices.

Use Lens Correction tools mechanically inside the Camera RAW Lab or the Edit workspace to promptly correct the distortions, vignetting and chromatic aberrations that can be introduced by the majority of camera lenses.

See each detail and value the wonder of your pictures when you match your photo editing applications using a high resolution computer screen.

With speed increases of 40 – 120%, many brushes are quicker and much more responsive than ever before.

Love up to 50% faster operation with Smart Edge, which operates with several tools to help in keeping your brush strokes “inside the lines”.

Vital layers, for advanced picture editing, compositing and graphic design are more easy to work with. Search by name for layers to instantly locate the one you require, combine layers that are selected, and simply expand or fail layer groups.

Immediately produce a picture thing with a structure or text to cut an inherent picture or picture. The newest Cutter Preview allows you to see before you cut just that which you’re cutting.

Editing in the RAW Lab is not more difficult with new before- and after- a larger preview, as well as views.

Faster and work smarter with additional tips as well as tricks in the award winning Learning Center. This practical reference guide that is incorporated offers step by step instructions and fast use of the proper tools that will help you get the most from the photo editing applications.

Instantly add colour gradients that are exceptional to your own photographs to model the result of using different camera lens filters. An extensive selection of simple-to-use gradient controls allows for experimenting and more creativity.

You can now preview changes that are gradient in your picture as you fix them in Material Properties.

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